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Forecasts, Data, On-Site Support, Expert Testimony

Areas of Practice



Weather forecasts are derived from understanding the current weather pattern through the use of observed data. Then, a variety computer forecast models are examined to determine which models are replicating the current situation with reasonable extraction to the future. From there, the best models are blended to tailor forecasts out to 10 days.

Specialty Areas: Marine and Aviation

We know marine and aviation forecasting and the hazards that can occur on the sea and in the air. Marine and aviation forecasts are often misinterpreted and it takes an expert to diagnose how those misunderstandings occur. Terms such as significant wave height, surface wind, moderate icing, or vicinity thunderstorms are often misinterpreted.

Expert Testimony

Channelside Weather has expert meteorologists well versed in speaking to the public, media, and others often under very tense circumstances. Providing a convincing argument requires analysis, finesse, strategic planning, and some degree of empathy for the process whether it is mediation, arbitration, deposition, or courtroom litigation.

Weather Data and Forensics

Determining the cause of a damaging event requires data and expert analysis. We thrive on finding the correct answer to unravel the events of a bad situation. The data are gathered from official and sometimes unofficial sources to provide the best insight into the given situation. The expert analysis come from years of case studies of significant weather events.

Onsite support

The combination of changing weather and large outdoor gatherings can create an inherently dangerous situation. We provide on-site forecast and warning support for the event. We forecast, then monitor weather, as it develops to provide a realistic timetable to shelter those in harm’s way from wind, hail, lightning, and other weather dangers.

Climate change scenarios

Considerable debate is ongoing with respect to climate change. Governmental agencies are measuring the climate and sometimes making adjustments to the data. It is important for viability of long range planning to know what the potential climate changes can bring particularly the ongoing sea level rise that continues to impact low-lying areas.